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Kelly Wiglesworth began practicing yoga 10 years ago on the sandy beaches of a deserted island off the coast of Borneo, Malaysia, while TV viewers watched her compete on CBS’ Original Survivor. Having never set foot in a yoga studio before, she taught herself postures, meditation and breathing exercises from magazine clippings, piecing together a personal practice that became part of her daily life on the inhospitable island.

As the challenges of the game and the harshness of the jungle environment increased, so did the importance of her daily practice. Kelly maintained her mental, physical and spiritual strength, lasted the entire 39 days and placed Runner-Up. She undoubtedly credits her success to yoga, has been a devoted yogi ever since and is now a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.

Kelly blends various styles of  yoga into her classes such as: Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Anusara, Kundalini, Ayungar and Restorative Yoga but her style can best be described as fluid, free and strong.  Kelly believes in encouraging her students to challenge themselves, to find freedom of movement within the postures but also encourages them to let go of the ego, respect and find their own “edge” and listen and tune into their bodies.

Kelly enjoys tailoring the styles of her classes to fit the particular needs of her students, whatever it may be for that day. She believes that as the body becomes strong and limber, so does the mind and one begins to break through any physical and mental barriers that might exist.  Kelly believes that yoga is beneficial to all people of any activity level and is dedicated to helping her students find a practice that is right for them by creating a friendly, light-hearted and fun  environment where everyone can feel comfortable to practice yoga regardless of age, weight, injury or skill level.

Kelly enjoys giving adjustments within the postures that help to facilitate a deeper stretch, allowing for a healing and therapeutic release. Her love of giving adjustments has most recently lead Kelly to Thailand, where she received her training as a certified, Advanced Thai Massage and Thai Foot Reflexology Therapist. She is registered with the International Thai Therapists Association, The Thai Ministry of Public Health and Education and the International Training Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is also a certified, level II Practitioner of the Usui System of Reiki Healing.

Kelly is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an Expert Registered Yoga Teacher (E.R.Y.T 500 hour level) and as a Registered Yoga School (R.Y.S 200 hour level under Mukti Yoga).  She received her training with Julie Rader at Mukti Yoga in Los Angeles, California and on the island of Hawaii. She has been teaching yoga for five years and continues her education by attending workshops and trainings all over the world. She is a surfer, outdoor adventure travel guide and extreme sports enthusiast knowing first hand the benefits of yoga in helping to treat and prevent injuries and keep the body, mind and spirit limber.

Kelly lives on the beach in Mexico with her husband where she offers her therapies, surfs, writes and leads yoga teacher trainings as the Director of Teacher Training for Mukti Yoga Mexico.

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