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The yoga tradition began in India over 5000 years ago. It is a methodology aimed at healing the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is unlike any other form of exercise in that it not only tones, stretches and strengthens the outside of the body and many muscles groups left untouched by ordinary exercise but it also tones, stretches and strengthens the inside of the body as well. As you begin to practice, you improve all the functions of the body such as: improved circulation and oxygen exchange (which in turn heals injured tissues); improved respiration and expanding of the lung capacity; regulation of the metabolism and blood sugar; draining of the  lymphatic system, improvement of all the glandular functions; detoxification the  whole body; detoxification of the lungs; toning, strengthening and stretching the nerves; overall improved functioning of the internal organs; relaxing/calming of  the mind and central nervous system.

Kelly teaches Hatha Yoga (physical yoga). All physical yoga, no matter what the style or name is considered Hatha Yoga (with the exception of Kundalini Yoga). Many people over the years have put their own style or spin on the postures to make them a little different, such as holding poses longer or changing ways of breathing but the postures are all Hatha Yoga postures. There are many different paths of yoga but they all lead to the same place or goal …physical health, mental peace and higher states awareness or consciousness.

Private Yoga sessions with Kelly will enable you to receive complete and total personal attention. You will learn proper body alignment within the postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to ensure you are getting the most out of your yoga practice. Your first session will consist of meeting with Kelly to discuss briefly any physical or health issues, concerns and goals. She will then design a personal yoga practice specifically for you. You will also receive healing, therapeutic adjustments to aid in the stretching that help to facilitate a deeper release within each posture. Multiple sessions recommended for maximum benefit.

Hatha Yoga
Ha= Sun (physical)      Tha=Moon(mental)              Yoga=Communion

Hatha Yoga can be described as the harmony or communion between the sun and moon, the mental and physical aspects in the body. It is the physical path of balancing mental, physical and subtle forces of the body to attain better overall health and calmness of mind. It is believed that in order to reach higher states of consciousness one must first tune the body (think of it as trying to play Mozart on an out of tune piano). As the body opens up, becomes strong and limber, the mind and spirit will follow.

The major benefits of yoga are: improved flexibility; improved posture; improved balance; treatment and prevention of injuries (especially spinal related); weight management; pain relief/pain management; stress reduction; improved mental state and expanded lung capacity. The more you practice the better you feel and the more flexible and healthier you become.





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