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About Caleta de Campos

Enjoy your yoga teacher training experience in a tropical paradise. The private house is located in the quaint Mexican village of Caleta de Campos. Caleta, as the locals call it, is located on the Michoacán coast of mainland Mexico. This is a very safe and tourist friendly area of Mexico nestled above the breathtaking Caleta Bay. The house boasts picturesque views of the ocean from nearly every room, a private outdoor yoga studio and is only a five minute walk to the beach. The gentle sounds of the Pacific will lull you to sleep and the beautiful tropical sunrise greets you in the morning.

  • Located: approximately 200 km/ 3 hours North of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo
  • Money: There are no banks or ATM machines so come prepared! There is a place to change money. Some stores accept US dollars (but will give you about a 10/1 set exchange rate) and nobody accepts credit or debit cards.
  • Locals: The locals are extremely nice and friendly. Caleta and the nearby surf village of Nexpa are beach towns so everyone is muy tranquilo.
  • Weather: Warm, tropical, humid and sunny. The house is very close to the beach so be prepared for nightly ocean breezes that can be a little cool.


    • Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo is the closest airport
    • Please contact us and we will be happy to help you with travel arrangements to and from the house*


  • The first and best thing you should do is check the Mexican tourism website, and check with the Mexican embassy in your country for current information, travel tips, entry document requirements
  • US travelers are now required to have a valid passport to enter the country as well as a visa (check with the Mexican Embassy in your country for your specific document requirements)
  • There are currently no vaccinations required for travelling to Mexico
  • Traveler’s insurance is a good idea incase of any unforeseen medical issues or emergencies


  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga clothing (it is warm, hot & tropical so wear appropriate clothing. Breathable fabric is best)
  • Towels (it is recommended to bring 2 towels, one for showering and one for the beach)
  • Sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, bathing suit, rain jacket (just in case)
  • Neti pot (no plastic ones) available at your local health food store or on line
  • Personal items (medications, glasses, contact lenses, insect repellent, toiletries etc…)
  • Colored pencils, pens
  • It gets a little chilly sometimes at night with the ocean breezes so you might want to bring a light sweatshirt
  • There are several markets, and pharmacies in town for necessities but  don’t expect to find your special/favorite brand of face lotion here…best to bring any specialty items from home
  • Please do not bring any candy or junk food items into the house…part of your yoga experience is to follow a healthy and cleansing diet for the time you are here
  • Please no alcohol or drugs. If you are caught using alcohol or drugs (even if you are not within the perimeters of the house) you will be asked to leave and your money will not be refunded


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